Studio Space Rental

Star Global Production Studios Ltd, headquartered in Chase Village, is a full-service film, television and commercial production studio that is fully equipped to create all forms of video, audio and graphic productions. Star Global Projects Studios provides all the necessary tools to host commercial, photo, and film productions. We offer our clients top-notch video and audio recording services utilizing cutting-edge technology handled by skilled experts with extensive experience in the film industry. We are located in a brand-new, two-story structure with 5400 square feet of space that includes a reception area, a production room that is fully stocked, a creative department, computer rooms, filming locations with the option of a green screen, and audio recording studios. We also offer drone filming, a comfortable relaxation area and professional and well trained staff.

* Equipped Production Room
* Creative Department
* Computer Room
* Filming Area with Green Screen Option
* Audio Recording Studio
2400 sq. ft.14ft High Ceilings