Matthews Aluminum Lightweight Digital Baby Stand (Black, 12.9′)

Key Features
Load Capacity: 25 lb
Max. Height: 155″, Min. Height: 53″
Footprint: 36″, Rocky Mountain Leg
Triple Riser, Weighs 9 lb

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This black-finished Aluminum Lightweight Digital Baby Stand from Matthews rises to a maximum height of 12.9′, has a minimum working height of 53″, and can support gear weighing up to 25 lb mounted on its 5/8″ top stud. The stand has a wide footprint of 36″ to ensure stability and a Rocky Mountain (Lazy) Leg that can be adjusted on uneven surfaces to balance to load.

Spring-dampened risers protect equipment being lowered and help eliminate pinch points
V-shaped brass brakes ensure 3-point strong contact
Knurled Baby pin ensures that whatever is mounted stays put
Internal Rocky Mountain Leg anchor ensures leg won’t come apart while operating
Thick threaded collars ensure a solid bite from T-handles and set screw