Glow 8×8′ Butterfly Light Modifier Scrim Kit

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Glow 8×8′ Butterfly Light Modifier Scrim Kit with Lightweight Collapsible Aluminum Frame, Three Diffuser Screen Fabric and Carry Case, Perfect for Still/Video and Portrait Light Diffuser Photography

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Transform Harsh Light: Convert strong light sources into soft, controlled illumination with the Glow 8×8 Butterfly Scrim Photography Kit, perfect for a variety of diffused lighting photography solutions
Collapsible Design: The lightweight 1″ square anodized hollow aluminum scrim panel with hinged joints and 8 locking points ensures stability, while easily collapsing down to a transportable 4′ x 6″ x 3″ size
Portrait Photography: Using the Glow 8×8 Butterfly Diffuser, secured with weights or sandbags, allows you to reduce sunlight intensity and create flattering, dramatic effects for sun shade photography in portraits and fashion images
Diffusion Fabric: A translucent silk diffuser material for white light diffuser, a solid black fabric for striking backgrounds, and a chroma green cloth for digital background substitution
Seamless Integration with C-Stands: The included C-Stand Adapter Brackets allow for easy mounting of the Glow 8×8 Butterfly soft light diffuser onto C-Stands like the Flashpoint FPLSC, providing optimal support and stability
Package Includes: 1x 8×8′ Collapsible Aluminum Frame, 1x 7.6×7.6′ Translucent Screen of Artificial Silk Material, 1x 7.6×7.6′ Opaque Black Artificial Silk Material, 1x 8×8′ Green Screen Fabric, 28x Elastic Bungee Tiedown Cords, 2x Frame Adapter Brackets for C Stands, 1x Padded Carrying Case