Micolive Microphone Windshield Blimp Windscreen Style Protect Cage and Shock Mount Suspension System

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Compatible with Rode NTG1 NTG2 NTG3 NTG4 AT875R Line MKE 600 Series Shotgun Microphones etc

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About this item
➤Work with Different Shotgun Mic:This microphone blimp work with most shotgun microphones up to 12.75 inches (325 mm) in length and diameter within 19-22 mm,such as Rode NTG-1 NTG-2 NTG-3 NTG-4,Sennheiser mkh 416,Audio-Technica AT875R & More
➤With Dead Cat Cover:This shotgun mic pop fliter include a dead wombat which is very effective at reduction of wind noise,when you use it on windy day or noisy environment,handling wind or noisy well,helpful for post processing audio
➤Lightweight&Durable:The frame is incredibly lightweight and easy to assemble,the shock mounts made by elastic material which is stable,if it is broken under warranty,providing free replacement to fix
➤Support Boom Pole:3/8 inch screw hole in the bottom of hanlde,so you can connect it with the boom pole arm with 3/8 inch screw