At SGP Studios we combine the strategy of an advertising agency with the capability of a video production company, solving unique challenges using targeted video. Learn how live-action video or motion design is increasing brand awareness and conversions.

Do you know that the lion’s share of the information your brain deciphers is visual?  Well, about 90% of that information is, with the human mind developing a preference for videos over text. What’s more, information packaged in videos is more memorable compared to that which people learn via text. In particular, you’re likely to remember 95% of the details of video content with that percentage dwindling to 10 for text formats. Consequently, you cannot overstate the importance of making videos as part of your business strategy. One Cisco study has even brought to light the fact that video content is set to be responsible for a staggering 90% of online traffic in the near future. So if you don’t have a video marketing strategy in place, you’ll miss out on a lot of prospective leads.

Video marketing leverages emotion superbly Sure, you can appeal to your audience via a text campaign, but you won’t entirely be able to reach the same emotional heights as video marketing. Big companies have used video ads to significant effect with soft drink brands, especially tapping into the mirror neuron effect that comes with visual content. This concept suggests that, by merely watching someone perform a particular action, specific neurons in your brain echoes the responses, triggering the same reactions in you. Consequently, the target audience develops a desire for the product or service based on how they see others using the said service or product. Let’s explain that further with an example. In most soft drink ads, the set is usually tailored to mimic sweltering conditions with people sweating and trying to cool themselves down. This virtually created scorching environment leads you to feel thirsty, so when the soft drink comes up as a solution, you’ll want to get yourself a drink. You cannot attain this mirror neuron effect through text as you need to tap into visual stamina, and that’s exactly what video marketing does for you.