What We Offer

We at SGP Studious cherish the role we play in the drone service industry. We make it easy for your company, regardless of its size, to acquire professional drone imagery anywhere you may need it. Our clients range from sole proprietors and small mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises with physical assets and properties in remote locations around the Caribbean. Get amazing aerial photos or videos for your next project, whether it is commercial real estate, mapping, a solar panel inspection, construction progress update or whatever else you have in mind. Our expert drone pilots are FAA certified and will quickly get custom footage tailored to your needs. Whether you have ten thousand assets or a single property, we’re happy to help.

What to expect;
* Enable an easy acquisition of aerial imagery and data, anywhere you need it
* Provide a single point of contact for all drone related needs
* Save your time
* Answer your questions
* Eliminate headaches
* Quality control